Flanged pipes

LLC “Conveyor Technologies” is designing and manufacturing  flanged pipes.

These pipes are very popular and in demand in various industries, such as: hydromechanization, chemical industry, mining, agriculture and metallurgy.

Flanged pipes provide reliable tightness of pipelines used to transport gases or other liquids under pressure.

We sell two types of flanged pipes: pipe with welded flanges; flanged pipe complete with quick couplings (quick-detachable connection).

The flange is welded to the pipe by welding. The use of flanged pipes complete with quick couplings is convenient for quick installation of flange connections in inconvenient or hard-to-reach places, as well as when they need to be frequently dismantled and repaired. The advantages of a flange connection are strength, reliability, the possibility of multiple mounting and dismounting and use in a wide temperature range.

The flange manufacturing technology must ensure strict observance of their geometric dimensions and mechanical properties.

All products of LLC “Conveyer Technologies” are certified and meet high quality and safety requirements.

Detachable pipes with flange connections are supplied with a diameter of 159 mm to 273 mm in pipe cross-sections up to 6 lm. at nominal pressure up to 6.3 MPa.

When connecting pipes using a quick coupling, the connection is made using a bolted connection, which presses the coupling flanges to each other with an O-ring between them. Couplings live up to their name and are also subject to quick assembly and disassembly of the pipeline. Couplings are supplied with standard sizes from 159 mm to 273 mm in pipe lengths up to 6 lm. under rated pressure up to 6.3 MPa.

Flanged pipes are designed for completing pipelines: water supply, mine drainage, degassing and fire and irrigation supplies. The resulting water supply system is easily dismantled and can be used in the future as:

– pipelines for process water, including in aggressive environments;

– slurry pipelines, ash pipelines or coal pipelines;

– industrial ventilation systems;

– slurry pipelines for sand-and-gravel mix;

– onshore slurry pipelines when deepening the bottom of rivers and other water bodies.

Flanged pipes are manufactured by LLC “Conveyor Technologies” to order, according to the customer’s dimensions.